May 2012 | Vol. 80, No. 6


by Bruce A. Green

States Side Story: Career Paths of International LL.M. Students, or “I Like to Be in America”

by Carole Silver

Homeward Bound: What Does a Global Legal Education Offer the Indian Returnees?

by Swethaa Ballakrishnen

Minorities, Merit, and Misrecognition in the Globalized Profession

by Hilary Sommerlad

Becoming a Cosmopolitan Lawyer

by John Flood & Peter D. Lederer

Adopting Regulatory Objectives for the Legal Profession

by Laurel S. Terry, Steve Mark, & Tahlia Gordon

Comparative Perspectives on Lawyer Regulation: An Agenda for Reform in the United States and Canada

by Deborah L. Rhode & Alice Woolley

State Ownership and Corporate Governance

by Mariana Pargendler

Whither Fairness? In Search of a Jurisdictional Test After J. McIntyre Machinery v. Nicastro

by Peter R. Bryce

Getting to “Exempt!”: Putting the Rubber Stamp on Section 501(c)(3)’s Political Activity Prohibition

by Michael Fresco

A Textbook Dilemma: Should the First Sale Doctrine Provide a Valid Defense for Foreign-Made Goods?

by Melissa Goldberg

E Pluribus Unum? The Full Faith and Credit Clause and Meaningful Recognition of Out-of-State Adoptions

by Pamela K. Terry