December 2007 | Vol. 76, No. 3


by Daniel J. Capra

Are Evidence-Related Ethics Provisions “Law”?

by Fred C. Zacharias

Prosecutors, Ethics, and Expert Witnesses

by Paul C. Giannelli & Kevin C. McMunigal

Expert Witness Ethics

by Joseph Sanders

Special Issues Raised by Rape Trials

by Aviva Orenstein

The Emotional Juror

by Todd E. Pettys

Women’s Place: Urban Planning, Housing Design, and Work-Family Balance

by Katharine B. Silbaugh

Stone v. Ritter and the Expanding Duty of Loyalty

by Claire A. Hill & Brett H. McDonnell

When Is Fiction Just Fiction? Applying Heightened Threshold Tests to Defamation in Fiction

by Mark Arnot

Working Through the Confrontation Clause After Davis v. Washington

by Andrew Dylan