April 2011 | Vol. 79, No. 5

Fiduciaries and Fees: Preliminary Thoughts

by Lynn A. Baker & Charles Silver

Taking the Business Out of Work Product

by Michele DeStefano Beardslee

Two Views of the Class Action

by Alexandra D. Lahav

Arbitration Provisions: Little Darlings and Little Monsters

by Stephen Friedman

Finding the Good in Holmes’s Bad Man

by Marco Jimenez

Extracting Compassion from Confusion: Sentencing Noncitizens After United States v. Booker

by Francesca Brody

The Twombly Standard and Affirmative Defenses: What Is Good for the Goose Is Not Always Good for the Gander

by Anthony Gambol

Which Treaties Reign Supreme? The Dormant Supremacy Clause Effect of Implemented Non-Self-Executing Treaties

by Leonie W. Huang

Walk This Way: Do Public Sidewalks Qualify As Services, Programs, or Activities Under Title II of the Americans With Disabilities Act?

by Sarah Jones

A Tale of Three Sovereigns: The Nebulous Boundaries of the Federal Government, New York State, and the Seneca Nation of Indians Concerning State Taxation of Indian Reservation Cigarette Sales to Non-Indians

by Amanda M. Murphy

U.S. Energy Sanctions and the Race To Prevent Iran from Acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Quinton Cannon Farrar