Reed Lecture Series

The Philip D. Reed Lecture Series is an annual lecture that pays tribute to Philip D. Reed, a distinguished graduate of Fordham Law School. Philip D. Reed received his law degree from Fordham in 1924. The Philip D. Reed Chair, presently held by Professor Daniel Capra, is named in his honor. Each year, the Philip D. Reed Chair invites distinguished judges, lawyers, and scholars to participate in panel discussions and symposia on current issues affecting federal judges and federal courts. Below are transcripts of the past Philip D. Reed Lectures.

By Brandon L. Garrett & M. Chris Fabricant
By Hon. Robert D. Sack, Hon. John D. Bates, Douglas Letter, & Ben Wizner
By Hon. Reena Raggi, Joel Reidenberg, Ronald Hedges, Peter Winn, Lucy Dalglish, Hon. Cecelia G. Morris, & Maeva Marcus
By Hon. Steven Merryday, Caren Myers Morrison, Gerald Shargel, Barbara Sale, Christopher Brown, Alan Vinegrad, Jan Rostal, & Cris Arguedas
By Hon. Steven Merryday, Hon. Raymond Dearie, Hon. Loretta Preska, Hon. K. Michael Moore, Hon. Henry T. Wingate, Hon. Michael Baylson, & Hon. Stefan Underhill
By Hon. John Koeltl, Hon. Gary Lancaster, Hon. Randolph Treece, Victor Kovner, Nora Dannehy, Ben Campbell, & Lori McCarthy
By Hon. John M. Facciola, Hon. Elizabeth D. Laporte, Hon. Loretta A. Preska & Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin
By Hon. Marcia G. Cooke, Hon. Gerald Ellis Rosen, Hon. Leonard Burke Sand, Hon. Shira A. Scheindlin, & Daniel J. Capra
By Hon. Lynn S. Adelman Hon. Nancy Gertner, Hon. Richard G. Kopf Hon. Gerard E. Lynch and Hon. Gregory A. Presnell