Res Gestae Submissions

Res Gestae Submissions

Submissions to Res Gestae should be about 3,000 words, in Microsoft Word.docx format, with light footnotes according to the conventions found in the 20th edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.  Res Gestae Pieces are available online in Adobe (.pdf) format.  In citing to Res Gestae pieces, we suggest the following model:

Myrna S. Raeder, History Redux: The Unheard Voices of Domestic Violence Victims, A Comment on Aviva Orenstein’s Sex, Threats and Absent Victims, 79 Fordham L. Rev. Res Gestae 21 (2011),

To submit a piece to Res Gestae, please email the following to our Executive Res Gestae Editor at

1) A copy of the submission,
2) A resume, CV or other biographical information, and
3) A brief abstract.

Res Gestae pieces are published on a rolling basis during the academic year.  Please note that we do not accept submissions from students currently pursuing a JD.