The Law of Parents and Parenting Symposium

Friday, November 5, 2021

10:00 am – 5:00 pm ET via Zoom

This interdisciplinary symposium brings together scholars, practitioners, and advocates from across the country to discuss fundamental questions about how the law defines and treats parents, and how economic security, race, and class are central to considering these questions.

Keynote Address: Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO, National Women’s Law Center

Moderated by: Catherine Powell (Fordham University School of Law)

Panel Discussions featuring:

Becoming a Parent

Moderated by: Leah Hill (Fordham University School of Law)

Courtney Joslin (UC Davis Law School) & Doug NeJaime (Yale Law School): Multi-Parent Families, Real and Imagined

Elizabeth Kukura (Drexel Law School): Embracing Maternal Ambivalence

Robin Lenhardt (Georgetown Law School): Parenting While Black

Karla Torres (Center for Reproductive Rights): Supporting Families: How State Insurance Mandates Help, but Don’t Solve, Inequities in Infertility Care Access

Supporting Parents

Moderated by: Anne Williams-Isom (Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service)

Aziza Ahmed (UC Irvine Law School) & Jason Jackson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): The Public / Private Divide in Public Health and the COVID-19 Response

Eleanor Brown (Penn State Law School) & Naomi Cahn (UVA Law School) & June Carbone (University of Minnesota Law School): Fertility, Immigration, & Public Support for Parenting

Maxine Eichner (UNC Law School): COVID-19 and the Perils of Free-Market Parenting: Why it is Past Time for the United States to Install Government Supports for Families

Solangel Maldonado (Seton Hall Law School): Leveling Parents’ Human Capital and Networks

Criminal Regulation of Parents 

Moderated by: Bennett Capers (Fordham University School of Law)

Meghan Boone (Wake Forest University Law School): Chilling Parental Rights

Michele Goodwin (UC Irvine Law School)

Priscilla Ocen (Loyola Law School)

Lauren Shapiro (Brooklyn Family Defense Project, Brooklyn Defender Services)

Charisa Kiyô Smith (CUNY Law School): From Empathy Drought to Reparations: an Analysis of Caregiving, Criminalization & Family Empowerment

Where We Have Been/Where We Are Headed: The Past and Future of the Law of Parents

Moderated by: Julie Suk (Fordham University School of Law) 

Anne Dailey (UConn Law School) & Laura Rosenbury (University of Florida Levin College of Law)

Clare Huntington (Fordham University School of Law) & Elizabeth Scott (Columbia Law School) The Enduring Importance of Parental Rights

Melissa Murray (NYU Law School): Legitimizing Illegitimacy in Constitutional Law

Gregg Strauss (UVA Law School): Parentage Agreements Are Not Contracts