The Federalist Constitution

October 2, 2020

12:00 PM—6:00 PM

The Fordham Law Review is proud to present its Fall 2020 Symposium: The Federalist Constitution.

The Federalist Constitution we have today is the product of the tension between the Philadelphia Convention’s nationalist agenda and its recognition that political viability required apparent moderation.  This tension underlies several fundamental disputes in constitutional interpretation—disputes that arose from the Constitution’s beginnings and persist into the present.  Were these disputes meant to be answered by the text of the Constitution, or to be permanently settled through post-ratification practice, or to be subject to ongoing contestation?

For a long time, these questions have been addressed mostly from perspectives that underestimate the nationalism of the Philadelphia Convention, if not delete it altogether.  This symposium aims to redress that imbalance by emphasizing the nationalistic views of the Federalist framers.

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