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Colloquium: The Legal Profession’s Response to Social Change


December 2007


The Fordham Law Review hosts a number of symposia each academic semester.  Professors, legal scholars, and other academics meet, confer, and discuss various law-related subjects.  The Fordham Law Review then publishes articles, essays, transcripts, and videos resulting from the symposia.  For information about upcoming symposia and symposia-related events, please click here.

The Fordham Law Review is now accepting symposia proposals for Academic Year 2024–2025 through Friday, March 29th.   Proposals are expected to include a title, a brief summary of the topic, the name(s) and CV(s) of the organizing professor(s), a preliminary outline of panels, and a projected list of panel invitees. Proposals should be between two to five pages and indicate a preference for hosting in the fall, spring, or an indifference between the two. Proposals should be submitted to [email protected].

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(How) Can Litigation Advance Multiracial Democracy? 
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4
Regulating the Public Defender Identity 
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4
Community Responsive Public Defense 
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4
 Should State Trial Courts Become Laboratories of UPL Reform? 
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4
Asymmetry of Representation in Poor People’s Courts 
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4
Aligning the Stars: Institutional Convergence as Social Change
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4
Foreword: The Legal Profession and Social Change
March 2024 | Vol. 92, No. 4