Fordham Law Review Stands with our AAPI Colleagues

The Fordham Law Review fully stands in solidarity with our colleagues, peers, and friends in Fordham Law’s Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) and the greater Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to condemn the recent surge of anti-Asian violence and rhetoric in our country. As a student organization, the Fordham Law Review is committed to fostering an anti-racist, inclusive environment where diversity of all kinds is celebrated. We denounce all forms of racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and white supremacy. We were outraged to learn about the recent racist attack experienced by a  Fordham Law student at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. We continue to mourn the 6 Asian women killed in the heinous shooting in Atlanta, Georgia last week. There is no place for racism, hate, and violence in our school community, in New York City, and in our country.

Our words cannot match the thoughtfulness and eloquence of APALSA’s recent statements on the increased violence against members of the AAPI community. We share below APALSA’s most recent statement. 

Dear Fordham Community,

Amidst the already horrific anti-Asian incidents that have been happening on a daily, we write to let you know that one of our own Fordham APALSA members was a victim this past Saturday and has courageously allowed us to share his story. After leaving the Fordham Law Library and rushing to catch a bus at Port Authority, out of nowhere, someone poured an entire carton of milk on our member from behind. What was more horrifying than the incident itself, however, was the deafening silence and inaction from the masses of people around him. No one stopped to help, including the police officers who were standing a few feet away.

Our community is grieving during this time and we need your support. The silence and inaction that our member experienced is all too familiar for our community. The silence of many of our friends and those we viewed as allies stings. Please help amplify our voices. Please take time to talk to your family members and friends about the anti-Asian violence that has been happening. Please stop to make sure your Asian brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings are okay. Please patronize the Asian businesses that have unjustly shouldered the blame for the pandemic. Please say something when your Asian friends have been othered and discriminated against. Do not leave your Asian peers to advocate for themselves and be degraded in your presence. We ask that you share this story and publicly condemn these despicable acts. 

In Solidarity, 


As the Fordham Law Review continues to evaluate how it can help support Asian and AAPI communities through these troubling times, we have donated to the Asian American Federation, and we encourage you to explore the excellent work the organization does for the AAPI community at We also encourage you to learn and take action using the following resources:

The Fordham Law Review condemns all acts of violence against members of the Fordham Law community and the greater AAPI community. We ask that you join us in denouncing racism, speaking out against hate, and amplifying AAPI voices within our communities. #StopAAPIHate.

In solidarity, 

Fordham Law Review, Vols. 89 & 90