Fordham Law Review Online

Tribute to Judge Duffy | Clerk Recollections, Stories, and Vignettes

April 8, 2022

In his forty-four years on the bench, Judge Duffy had sixty-five law clerks, each with their own stories about his inimitable courtroom presence, keen intellect, tremendous heart, and unique sense of humor. In addition to the longer tributes, we wanted to include at least a small sampling of the rich variety of heartfelt remembrances of Kevin Thomas Duffy (“KTD”) that have been shared among his scores of clerks since the Judge’s passing. We also asked our clerk community for the five words that come to mind when they think of the Judge. We have included a Word Cloud that displays the results of that input and helps to capture some of our reflections on the beautiful life of our beloved KTD. All of us will be forever grateful for having been included in his chambers family.