November 2014 | Vol. 83, No. 2

The President’s Plan Respecting the Supreme Court

by Ignatius M. Wilkinson

Foreword: Chevron at 30: Looking Back and Looking Forward

by Peter M. Shane & Christopher J. Walker

The Three Phases of Mead

by Kristin E. Hickman

Federalism at Step Zero

by Miriam Seifter

In Search of Skidmore

by Peter L. Strauss

Inherit the Cloud: The Role of Private Contracts in Distributing or Deleting Digital Assets at Death

by Natalie M. Banta

Meta Rights

by Charlotte Garden

Two Tests Unite to Resolve the Tension Between the First Amendment and the Right of Publicity

by Dora Georgescu

There and Back, Now and Then: IIRIRA’s Retroactivity and the Normalization of Judicial Review in Immigration Law

by Austen Ishii

Balancing “Aggression” and Compassion in International Law: The Crime of Aggression and Humanitarian Intervention

by Alexander H. McCabe

Is It Really All About Race?: Section 1985(3) Political Conspiracies in the Second Circuit and Beyond

by Lee Pinzow

Not Just for Products Liability: Applying the Economic Loss Rule Beyond Its Origins

by Danielle Sawaya

Stay Tuned: Whether Cloud-Based Service Providers Can Have Their Copyrighted Cake and Eat It Too

by Amanda Asaro