October 2015 | Vol. 84, No. 1

The Power of Dignity

by Elizabeth B. Cooper

Hail Marriage and Farewell

by Ethan J. Leib

Procedural Triage

by Matthew J.B. Lawrence

The Sum of Its Parts: The Lawyer-Client Relationship in Initial Public Offerings

by Jeremy R. McClane

Judicial Interpretation of State Ethics Rules Under the McDade Amendment: Do Federal or State Courts Get the Last Word?

by Hopi Costello

The Admissibility of Hearsay Evidence in New York State Sex Offender Civil Commitment Hearings After State v. Floyd Y.: Finding a Balance Between Promoting the General Welfare of Sexual Assault Victims and Providing Due Process of Law

by Brittany K. Dryer

Prejudicial Character Evidence: How the Circuits Apply Old Chief to Federal Rule of Evidence 403

by Hannah J. Goldman

"A Distinction Without a Difference"?: Bartlett Going Forward

by Steven A. Schwartz

Should Prosecutors Blog, Post, or Tweet?: The Need for New Restraints in Light of Social Media

by Emily Anne Vance